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Write for us
Write for KING of Jeshurun
KING of Jeshurun is in the forefront of Globalizing the world with WORD through world wide web blogging  about  God, Lord Jesus Christ, Bible, Heaven, and  Evangelical Category.With a focal pathway and thousands of monthly page views and growing.

How to become A Guest Author ?

Guest Blogger
Be a Guest Blogger
As a guest author you bring a right to be heard your expression to a variety of  huge viewers, configuring your profile and discovery.You can also add do-follow links to your blog, you may also add a link to one of your social profiles or website or anywhere you choose With some exclusions added to the post so you are exactly  conveying all the new visitors and as the principal readership of this blog is people who keep their spiritual lives strong as you are relating with compatible readers.

Please write the Flowing posts !

Posts which are beneficial for our readers  must be of premium subject matter for a guest post to be contributed.It is advised that it is no mandatory for you to be an professional writer but some of the eligible posts involve Bloggers giving out their personal experiences with God and things you have learned through your personal relationship with God in your day to day  Christian life.

Suggested Topics Include:
Guest Blogger
Be a Guest Blogger on Spirituality
  • Bible
  • God      
  • Jesus Christ
  • Salvation                                                                                                                                                                
  • Testimonies
  • Evangelism
  • Churches
  • History
  • Prophecies
  • Ministry  
  • Missions 
  • Social services                                                                                                                                                             

If not a professional?  

KING of Jeshurun wishes this prospect to be reachable to everybody, so if you are not a 'Theologian' why not contribute about your experience in your day to day spiritual life.

I think you got an encouragement - if it can motivate people in any way I would love to inspire you to write a post or posts.It can also be derived from your own personal experiences within your personal relationship with God. There is no minimum length for your post, but usually the guest posts should be of 500 words.

  • Your writings must be of original and shouldn’t have been published earlier on the Internet.
  • You must agree to not publish the post anywhere else i.e., in your own blog or a website as a guest author.
  • KING of Jeshurun may compose slight edits to posts, in-case if a major change is necessary we seek advice from the author.

What should be the Author Links?

Voice is shared
Your Voice is shared alongwith your post and profile
As mentioned above you will be given facility to add two do-follow links in your author bio.As a additional benefit you can add an extra link to one of your social networkig profiles.

As per the standards of KING of Jeshurun spiritual dynamics, we will no way allow to publish posts with links to  topics of the sites such as of violence, Adult content, Demonism, Idol worship, Easy ways to earn money, Credit Card Sites, Loan and General finance sites, Gambling sites etc..

Innovative ideas in your voice!

The precise  terminology of KING of Jeshurun 'Innovative'.As you have noticed on various blogs guest posts can wrapped with a far-reaching collection of topics but it is important the content is fresh and present our readers with innovative information.It is also great when posts have some personal testimonies, Relationship with God and ministry.Be confident and innovative wile writing

Additional checklist

If you could do the following it would help us to accelerate and design the post look healthier.These are all not obligatory.
  •  An author image, An Image of yourself which will be added to the author bio section, this makes the post more personal.The perfect size is 100x100px, if it is less than 300x300 we can re size it.
  • All post images, All posts have an Image floated right at the top.If you could add a relevant images that would be impressive for the publication.

Where to Submit Your Post or Ideas ?

In order to heading in the right direction, you can make a contact to my Email.

Submit your Guest post
Submit your Guest post to below email

If you have a post ready,Please send it in the format you are most satisfied with (MS-Word,PDF,, HTML, Document, Zip, etc or if you wish just paste it into the Email) and i will respond to you shortly.If you have an idea or title you want to contribute to KING of Jeshurun please let me know.If you want more approach on the modus operandi just ask.

Thanks again for your curiosity and I always draw near to hear from you.

Kingdom Blessings!

Sreedhar Jeshurun – Editor KING of Jeshurun .


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