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The Agencies of witnessing !

Sreedhar Jeshurun | Thursday, June 07, 2012 | | | Best Blogger Tips Be the first to comment!

The agencies of witnessing
Evangelism-Family Plan
The Fish Gate- Part 12

The Agencies of witnessing        

The Lord did not tell His disciples that they should become fishers of men but that He would make them such if they followed Him.

The Family Plan:

The Gospel was first declared in the Garden of Eden God being the first evangelist and the man and his wife were the first hearers of the good news of salvation (Gen 3:15-21).After the regeneration of Adam and Eve the Gospel became their sacred trust and witnessing operated on the ‘Family plan’ The first parents set the precedent for all future parents by witnessing to their own children.

Before long, belief in or rejection of the Gospel divided the human race into two groups –believers and unbelievers.Abel loved God and Cain rejected the gospel and became unbeliever...

The family plan of evangelizing continued through Noah and his children until the time of the Flood (Gen7).with passing time; mankind became preoccupied with the details of life-material possessions, human relationships, pleasures and achievements. Increasingly people turned a deaf ear to the Gospel
Israel the evangelistic Nation
Evangelism by Israel

The agencies of witnessing-The Nation of Israel:   

After moral degeneracy and arrogance through the tower of Babel conspiracy and God destroyed the Tower of Babel. A specific missionary agency, the nation of Israel, was needed to replace the family system of witnessing. Through Israel God’s word would be preserved and His son sent as the Savior of the world...God called out one believing Gentile,Abram to become the father of the believing Jewish race (Gen 12:1-3).

The agencies of witnessing-Today the Church:

Today the witnessing agency is church
Evangelism by church
The Church is the redeemed body of Christ around the world from the day of Pentecost until the rapture is commanded and is responsible for the great commission and spreading the gospel.So the believer during church age to be a soul winner, we must follow the Lord’s example. He went to where the people were unreached and suffering.

The agencies of witnessing- In The future, the tribulation and Millennium:

sealing of 144000 evangelists in the Bible
144000 evangelists during tribulation
The church Age ends with the removal of the Church from the earth at the Rapture. The remaining seven years of the original four hundred and ninety years allotted to Israel for evangelism will then begin. During the tribulation period of time once again, the Nation of Israel along with the resuscitated Moses and Elijah(Rev 11:3-12) and  nearly 1,44,000 Jewish evangelists(Rev 7:4-8)  will assume the primary role as the Lord’s witnesses and spread the gospel around the world.

144000 witnesses during tribulation
144000 Evangelists  in Rev 7:1-8
During Millennium the personal reign of Christ begins with believers only. The birth of children to believers of Jews and gentiles will make witnessing necessary as such the prophecy earlier we studied regarding the Ezekiel 47:16-20 will be fulfilled by the proclamation of the gospel around the world. In this regard the prophet Isaiah says :"They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain, for the earth will be full of the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea"( Isaiah 11:9).

While the agencies responsible for witnessing in each dispensation change the message of salvation is always the same: God loves the world-faith alone in Christ alone."Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved" (Acts 4:12).

Let us remembered the words of the Lord Jesus in John 21, "Cast the net on the right side of the ship and ye shall find". I cast on the right side but alas no fish there either!

153 fish
Peter catching 153 variety fish
During Jesus time when peter was told to catch the fish to the right side, peter did according to it and there he caught 153 fishes resembles that there was 153 nations on the globe during Jesus time and God’s plan was to bring all the nations to Him so that every knee shall bow down before Him and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Christ. God’s plan is to bring many fishes (nations) to flow back to Him and there will be complete peace on earth and no more war (Micah 4:1-3). He spoke again and again through the prophets on this goal. In Isaiah 19:23-25, the prophecy is that Egypt, Assyria and Israel will one day worship the same God as one, the Lord of hosts will bless them and make them a blessing  in the midst of the land.

Notice the current situation under the prophetic message taking place in Egypt, Syria and Israel all these gulf countries are paving way for the worship of True God by pulling down the strongholds of the evilone.Even this will happen to Iran and all the Gulf nations. All the nations are bowing down and will be completely bowing down before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords during the millennial reign of Christ.
 work for God
It's time to go for work

Many a times we lament that we are not able win as many as souls for the Lord. We need to pray in the presence of God Jesus prayed and evangelized. Today many are neglecting prayer and only doing evangelism but if you listen to God and his leading you will catch many fish as directed by Lord. Ask God for direction surely He will lead you to the place where you can win many souls for the Kingdom of God. Do not lean on your own understanding and experience but seek the divine guidance in prayer and do as the Lord told you to do and you will catch many fish.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      (To be continued..........)

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